Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Settling down

Last weekend I brought my family to Melbourne, it was a tiring journey with two kids on 8 hours flight and enduring long queue at Immigration and Customs at Tullamarine Airport. We arrived at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport around 9am and passed through final hurdle of Customs around 11am.

We have a lot of baggage, 7 hand carried assorted size bags; 2 extra large luggage bags, 3 boxes and 2 MacLaren strollers. Alhamdulillah we passed through customs without any items being seized, we declared everything except for chicken currypuffs that has been sniffed by the trained dog.

Well, bidding farewell at LCCT Airport was hard to my wife and especially my mother in laws and sister as they are attached to my kids. Tears has been shed :p and memory remains.....alas we just stay here for couple of years only.
at LCCT airport

Kids are settling very well here. Sarah enjoy her new bath tub and Suri is active as normal. But yesterday both of them down with flu and coughing...hopefully not that bad...maybe cold weather has effect on them.
one of the room in our new house

This weekend, I'm planning to bring them to Melbourne Park for a walk and ease the tensions for being at home for a whole week.